Fetish Fantasies Fulfilled
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Bondage Massage / Role Playing

Not your typical massage, and this is no rub and tug.  All bondage massages will incorporate fetish play. 

Role-Playing can easily be incorporated. 

For example, you may be a client expecting just a massage and then you are tricked in to a much kinkier experience.  Mistress convinces you, for her safety, that she needs to restrain you. You, mesmerized by her beauty, foolishly agree. I hope your ready for what comes next.

Another one is you think you have come for a job interview. You are scared about what you have walked into but you really need this job so bad that you continue on with interview.
You think the interview is for a Masseuse/personal assistant position, how wrong you are. As part of the interview, Mistress requires that you experience what a customer in Her Studio would experience.  Her many clients enjoy prostate massages or dildo/vibrator play. Do you? You will by the end of the interview, think Naughty Nurse exam. 

For those into Slut Training, imagine you are being prepared for a gang bang.  This could include an enema to clean you out followed by nipple tweaking. W/we want those
nipples erect, swollen and red! Maybe, She might apply lipstick to your nipples and all over your slutty cock-sucking mouth, even your pussy ass-hole.  She likes to hear plenty of gagging, moaning and slurping when you're sucking cock, the more spit the better. You will be trained and dressed the part to her exacting specifications.

For those in to CBT, picture being strapped down with your cock and balls at Her mercy. Sounds are slid in, your balls are stretched and pulled, tied-up, hot wax dripped on them followed by some slaps with a sturdy wooden spoon, or perhaps a leather strap.

Maybe you are being interrogated by your Wife - She thinks you've been cheating and She wants to know where you have been every Thursday night for the past six months. Bowling, Hockey I don't think so. Why do you come home with lip stick on your collar, smelling sweetly of Chanel perfume. Wifey will make you pay in more ways then you could ever think possible.

Are you into being tortured by a beautiful secret agent? She wants to know your Military's top secret plans. Mistress will show you no mercy until you beg, She will interrogate you until you break, she will drag it out of you.

Do you have another idea for role play? Mistress Veronika has training in Theatre and will listen to your suggestions, after all, role play is my favorite!