Fetish Fantasies Fulfilled
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How does the crack of a bull whip sound to you? Perhaps a flogger is more your style?  You will be chained facing the wall, legs spread, arms above your head, and then the punishment will commence. 

Clients have also requested sole strapping or caning (Bastinado). Your legs will be winched up, hands tied to floor bolts and then an implement of Mistress's choosing will be whipped across the bare bottoms of your feet.  Painful!
  Like, prisoner-of-war kind of painful.

Punishment will be meted out in sets! Depending on the situation there could be 5 sets of 10, or 10 sets of 20. Or maybe Mistress will set the count after you beg for mercy! A little begging and groveling won't deter, crying may be necessary to reduce to sets.

Would you like to incorporate a role-playing scenario with corporal punishment? Maybe you are a home invader that was caught in the act and now is to be punished with a torturous interrogation.

We will begin every session with a consultation, I will  always respect your limits when you say that you have had enough!