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So much fun! 

What do you enjoy about wearing diapers?  How thick and bulky they feel between your  legs?  Or how big and round your bottom feels? 

Do you love them piss soaked and warm? 

Or making poo-poo in
your diaper, feeling it squishy, mushing in to your balls, and then being spanked? 

Make a mess in your nappy and you will be sent to sit in the corner where you might get up to no good in that messy diaper. 

Maybe you will be force-fed prunes.  Maybe she will slip a suppository
up your bottom. Does your sensitive bottom need a fresh coating of Talcum Powder? Maybe Mistress will simulate you soiling your diaper by emptying cans of beans in your diaper. Perhaps you need an enema.

Mistress likes to incorporate double diapering, with a pinned on cloth diaper and plastic pants, as accidents can get messy.

We may possibly incorporate some mock hypnosis in this session, maybe with some age regression included.  Could you be coaxed into messing your pants with a trigger word so she can continue to control your bowels even after the Hypnosis session ends.

Mummification while in your diaper, perhaps wrapped in a pissy sheet as punishment for wetting the bed. This scenario could include Potty Training. 

If your session has included punishment, you will need consoling and cuddling. 

If you are messy, you may need a Bath.  Mistress will wash you down Herself to make sure that you are nice and clean and avoid any nasty diaper rash.

Longer sessions can include Nap Time, maybe with sensory deprivation.  This might include a Hypnotic recording, forcing you to soil yourself while you are tied down helpless in baby's adult sized crib.

Some diaper wearers  really enjoy sucking.  (No, she does not allow breast-feeding.  You will drink only from sippy cups or bottles.)  Butt plugs can be slurped on, sort of like a giant pacifier.  Proper sucking techniques will be taught to you, particularly if you are the sissy type.