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Enemas - to clean you out, prepare you for anal stretching, and later, toys.  Enemas can be incorporated in to a variety of sessions.  For example, you could have your enema as a prelude to anal play or purely for cleansing purposes, it could also be incorporated as a cleansing ritual.

Picture that you are in the presence of medical personnel that are forcibly checking you out and preparing you for  a medical procedure, maybe it's to see if your cock still works. How is this done you inquire? With digital penetration of course. 

Perhaps there is a blockage, something that doesn't allow your sexuality to flow through appropriately, your spiritual essences are so clogged with fecal abundance that you cannot elevate to the next level. 

In the past, enemas have been used for many reasons, punishment, medicinal, erotica. What do they mean to you?

What do you like in your enema solution? Are you timid and just like plain warm water? Or are you more adventurous, maybe you would like to try a spicy chili pepper enema, or how about something to really wake you up with a black coffee enema? I enjoy administering a ginger infused solution to really get you hopping. Would you like to try some other type of enema, all you need to do is ask.