Fetish Fantasies Fulfilled
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Dirty feet for a dirty boy!

If you have a foot fetish you may grovel at Her feet and sniff, maybe kiss them if she's so inclined!

Mistress Harley's feet are there to rub, tease and tantalize you.  Would you like to breathe in the aroma of Her feet after a long hot and sweaty day?  Perhaps Mistress will allow you to stroke while She grinds Her foot on your face, or cuts off your air supply by pushing down on your airway with Her feet.  Don't even dare looking up Her skirt or you may pay the price.

*Boot Worship
You will lick those boots clean - spit polish them with your tongue. Mistress might be in the mood to watch you practice your oral skills while suck on her high heel. If you are a good boy, Mistress may even let you fuck her boots, but be prepared to clean up your mess with your tongue afterwards.

What excites you about this? Do you picture yourself tied on the floor while Mistress walks on your stomach and stomps on your groin while wearing Stilettos? Or would you rather have Mistress walk barefoot on you mercilessly stepping on your cock and balls? Squishing them under Her heel while you writhe in agony?