Fetish Fantasies Fulfilled
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Are you a man yearning to be  younger version of himself?  A girlier version of himself?  Would you like to play dress-up? You need ruffly panties, a school girl dress and maybe a pair of white leotards?  Maybe a crinoline?

There is plenty for Mistress and Her sissy-boy to get up to.

Sissy Training - you need to learn how to  behave like a proper girl.

Lessons may
include: how to pee like a girl, this will require practice.  You have have to drink a lot of water and if you have an accident, there will be punishment. 

You may find yourself thrown over Her lap, panties pulled down and then a hard spanking, maybe with a wooden brush so as to really rosey your bottom. 

You will need to master a curtsey, so as to show Mistress the required respect.

If she catches you playing in your panties, there will be hell to pay.  She might lock you in the cage, or tie you to the bed. 

If you have a foot fetish, She might stick Her stinky feet in your face.