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Slut Training

Do you enjoy it in your mouth? Or, do you prefer it in your ass? Have you been a naughty slut in need of further training? Or, are you a virgin to all of it and need to be broken in?

There are many activities W/we can get up to. Stages of ass-play, so to speak.

Anal teasing -
fingers rubbing and readying your pussy ass-hole for entering.

Cautious entry - one tentative finger entering you.  At this point, Mistress may decide that you require cleaning out.

Toys - Mistress has tons of toys.  Large, small, vibrating, butt-plugs, anal beadsShe will start small, are you brave enough to work your way up to the Baseball Bat Dildo?

Strap-on - Yes.  This is possible. With precautions.  Expect to pay more.

Fisting - Yes.  She will fist your slutty ass.  Expect to pay more.